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Lootris Big Steam Key Giveaway – $340.65 – Until 2018-01-26

We like winners and lots of them. Because of that, we are working this giveaway a little differently.

For every 3,000 entries (tickets) a winner will be drawn. That person will get to pick 3 steam games listed on the Lootris.com giveaway page. When the giveaway ends, the final winner will win all remaining games. If the number of available games drops below 7 at any point, we’ll add more.

Lots of games and lots of winners. You can win more than once. Daily entries available. The more entries you do, the faster the next draw will take place.

List of available games can be seen on the Lootris giveaway page at https://lootris.com/giveaways/2017/12/26/giveaway-steam-key-bundle-4/

Initial game lot is worth a total of $340.65 USD

  • Go to giveaway
  • Retail value: $341
  • Expiry date:January 26, 2018 EXPIRED
  • Single or multiple entry: Single entry
  • Regions valid: United States
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