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How I multi-task to publish everything everywhere on time – Try Coschedule

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I have been posting on this site for over 1 year now, and have been struggling lately with organization of everything here. I have to post giveaways, and make sure all of my audience sees them, so when I post on this site, I like to automatically post on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I am glad I have found a great automation software with Coschedule!

If you are a blogger you know that you need every minute you have in the day, and you need to be able to delegate and automate as many of your tasks as you can, otherwise it simply gets overwhelming.

I like to think that I can do everything by myself, but the truth is that I can’t!

As I use WordPress for this site, I was looking for some software that could work as a plugin for my WordPress site.

I have found this with Coschedule! I love how flexible this plugin is – I can add my social networks, and plan and schedule all of the posts.

The reason for post scheduling for this particular site is that I want to remind my readers about the giveaways that are going on, and that can be achieved by retweeting about the giveaways again and again. I simply post every day, and that is enough, I hope, to create enough interest in my readers for the given posts and giveaways.

I have tried coschedule before for another site of mine, and that one didn’t work as well as it did for this one. Here I remember almost every time when I post to click on my coschedule, and as it is so well tuned, one or a few clicks is enough to get everything set up! This is amazing!

As is with many programs, there are costs involved with Coschedule. They do have a 14 day free trial, but after that they have a very reasonably priced plan for $15 per month which I am planning to take up. So, as you can see, this site is going to actually cost me money now to run! And that is ok, because I know that this is what my readers need, and they will appreciate having more reminders about the giveaways that are going on. I think this can only help everyone involved!

If, however, you are a blogger, and are interested in learning more about Coschedule, I have a link here that you can click – http://coschedule.com/r/59843 and sign up, and then I will be able to reduce my costs a bit, so each signup from you will reduce my costs by 10% – how cool is that?

If you are struggling with your scheduling and postings as a blogger or marketer, I think Coschedule is one of the best products in the market at the moment, and I highly recommend it. Here is a video they have made to show how this program works – https://vimeo.com/166544659

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

So, how can Coschedule help you manage your daily tasks as a blogger? You can set up a calendar of posts, modify your messages for each social channel, and also be able to see the statistics for each separate message you are sending – this will give you a great amount of knowledge as to what your audience is interested in.

Here is what their calendar looks like  – everything is so clear and easy to see here –

CoSchedule Calendar

And here is how you can set up your messages –

CoSchedule Social Queue


This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. If you were to sign up, I am going to receive a discount on my subscription, and this will allow me to continue publishing more effectively for you.

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